"All Chill, No Ice"

Chill Systems sells a unique range of drink-cooling devices. They commissioned us to hit Instagram with an icy blast of sponsored content.

In just 25 days, we froze hundreds of thousands of people in their tracks with our powerful influencer strategy.

All of the content on this page is influencer-produced.

Step 1: Defining The Problem

Chill Systems was struggling to gain traction on Facebook and needed to get their products blowing up on Instagram.


However, they had specific targeting and demographic requirements. So we would need to find a way to ensure that the influencers' audiences were in line with these criteria.

Step 2: Developing The Strategy

The plan: reach at least 500,000 highly-targeted 'chillers' through a blend of micro and macro influencers.


To achieve this, we performed intensive audits on our vast internal network of 300,000+ influencers to find the candidates that resonated with the Chill Systems brand and whose audiences matched the targeting requirements.

Step 3: Negotiating The Deals

Having found the right influencers, we now needed to convince them to come on board.


We were on a tight budget and needed to get some large influencers involved to meet our goals. Luckily, we had existing relationships with some ideal candidates within our network.

After some sweet-talking, we managed to get two key macro-influencers on board at massively reduced rates.

Step 4: Managing The Posts

Dealing with influencers is a lot like dealing with celebrities: patience, experience and flattery go a long way.

We sent a total of 1,863 direct messages and emails over the course of the 25 days. These consisted of negotiations, briefings, reminders and the answering of tons of questions.

Step 5: Measuring The Results

Our influencers reached over 695,000 targeted people and generated 27,100 likes and comments in just 25 days.


On top of that, the Chill Systems Instagram profile gained a huge number of new followers and the long-term impact of the campaign is yet to be seen.

We attribute these impressive results to our large internal network, our custom-built systems and our experience in dealing with influencers.

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