Case Study:

"The Greatest Of All Time"

GOAT Shoecare is a premium sneaker-care brand that tasked us with blowing up their product on Instagram. 


We took them from zero to hero within the sneakerhead community on Instagram in a matter of 45 days.


All of the content on this page is influencer-produced.


Step 1: Defining The Problem

Coming from Amazon, GOAT had virtually no presence on Instagram and was almost unknown as a brand.


The sneakerhead community is notoriously picky and fiercely loyal so entering their realm, let alone becoming a part of it, would be a real challenge. 

Step 2: Finding The Ideal Customer

An Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) was used to identify the key influencers on the Instagram sneakerhead scene.


We used a combination of analytics tools and market research to develop this ICA and it proved to be invaluable when it came to finding the perfect influencers for GOAT.

Step 3: Building The Shortlist

Finding influencers is easy. Finding the right ones? You'd better know what you're doing.


We used the ICA to generate a list of 800 potential influencers. Then we performed audits on all of them, shortlisted down to 100 top candidates and negotiated partnerships with 30 final picks. 

These 30 champions would go on to become the foundation of our campaign and the heart of GOAT's community.

Step 4: Collating The Content

Our influencers produced 118 pieces of unique content over the course of 45 days.


This content ranged from highly engaging stories, to IGTV reviews and beautifully shot photos.


Not to mention the slang-filled captions which have made for some highly relevant and engaging ad copy.

Step 5: Measuring The Results

Our influencers reached 290,000 sneakerheads and generated 41,200 likes and comments at an unheard-of 14.22% engagement rate.


The most powerful results of all, however, are the incredibly valuable relationships that have been built with the influencers. 

They have been, and continue to be, invaluable sources of insight, inspiration and wonderfully creative content. 

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